2019 Spring Leadership Ball Application

Application Instructions
These instructions must be followed as you complete the application. NOTE  DEADLINE INFORMATION BELOW!
  1. The identification sheet should be completed and signed by your parents or guardian. No application will be accepted without your parent’s/guardian’s signature.
  2. All activity sheets must be signed/verified by your counselor. The counselor’s signature verifies active participation and that you are in the upper 1/3 of your class. No application will be accepted without your counselor’s signature on the top of Part I of the application.
  3. Applications should be typed. Applications may be recreated and completed on the computer. Please follow directions on each page.
  4. When the application is completed:
    -check to make sure that your application number is on your identification sheet, on your activity sheets, and on the outside of the envelope provided.
    -Check to make sure that both your parent/guardian and your counselor have signed your application. 
    -Place your Identification Sheet and the Family Agreement sheet, signed by both you and your parent/guardian, in the envelope so that there is no visible identification through the envelope. SEAL THE ENVELOPE.
    -The activity sheets should be STAPLED to the front of the envelope. This envelope will not be opened until after the selection process is completed.
  5. Return your application to your counselor’s office NO LATER THAN NOON ON THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2018. If school is not in session on November 1st, applications will be due by the end of the following school day. Members of the 2019 Ball Review Committee will pick up ALL applications. If you attend school outside of Medina County or are home-schooled, please return completed applications to Feeding Medina County, 650 W. Smith Rd, C8, Medina OH 44256 before NOON on November 1, 2018.  NO APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS TIME AND DATE. If, for some reason, you cannot personally submit your application by this time, have a friend turn it in for you.  * Counselor verification will take place following selection for 30 Honorees.
  6. Applications will be read and selection will be made on November 4, 2018. This date will only change in the event a school is not in session to enable the scheduled application pickup. All applicants will be notified by mail immediately following this selection. If you are selected, please respond by the date stated in your selection letter to indicate your acceptance of this honor.

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