Policy For Selection

The Spring Leadership Ball in Service to Feeding Medina County recognizes and honors our future business, community, and family leaders. Therefore, scholarship, leadership and community service are of the utmost importance in the selection criteria. To be eligible to apply, you MUST be a senior high school girl attending school at a Medina County public or private school, be a Medina County resident attending senior high school outside of the county or a senior home-schooled student. Applicants MUST rank academically in the upper 1/3 of their graduating class. Class rank standings will be taken from the most recent semester available at your particular school. Home-schooled applicants’ grades will be compared against the public high school in their district for ranking. Meetings are held throughout the county  for girls eligible for this honor. Please see the calendar for a complete list of meeting dates available.
Selection consideration is given equally to each of these categories: 1) school activities; 2) community service, and 3) non-school related activities &/or outside employment.
No special recognition or acknowledgement is given for class rank, such as number 1 out of 100.
Selection will be completely impartial and the identity of each applicant will remain unknown while applications are being reviewed. Selection will be made from the activity sheets within the application. All members of the review committee will rate each application on a point system. After each application has been reviewed and rated, the scores will be totaled. Applications are scored on a five (5) point system with five (5) being excellent and one (1) being unsatisfactory. There are three sections to the application and each section is scored separately. When all scores have been tabulated, the thirty applicants with the highest composite point totals will be chosen as the 2018 Honorees. Only at this time will the identity of the girls selected be revealed. By rating solely according to the application, we hope to maintain an equitable method of selection and have young ladies truly worthy of this honor representing their schools and communities. There is no quota per individual school.